The Game- Overview and Notes

The Game

The Players
Notable NPC’s
Notable Locations
Outline of Events

  1. Prologue
  2. First Adventures
  3. Bertilak in Amnesterra
  4. A Journey to Brightsteel Keep
  5. Investigations in Pandec
  6. Meeting Yonder
  7. Confronting Dristle
  8. Into the Land of Faerie
  9. Rundswick, Finder of Lost Things
  10. Lords of Faerie
  11. Pandec’s Fall
  12. An Unwelcome Homecoming
  13. Race to Amnesterra
  14. Hever Amneheld of Marikest
  15. Epilogue

The Players

  • PJ- Bertilak Truebow
    • A Half-elf Ranger. Later became Shadow Touched and sought vengeance on Hever Amneheld. “Avenge me!” Is mauled by a bear.
  • Garrett- Aramil Nialo
    • An Elven Rogue. Sowed disorder amongst enemies and party alike. Highly distrustful of the Government in Marikest. “I check for traps and…”
  • Jason- Argos Metalmind
    • A Human Wizard (Enchanter). An enchanter who despite being very powerful was rarely well prepared (hilariously). Had a relationship with Emma Bronzebloom in Marikest. Later became the Lord of Marikest. “Guys… I forgot to prepare Knock.”
  • Brian- Krusch Darksteel
    • A Half-orc Fighter. Just wanted to kick ass. Surprisingly good at math and accounting. Open Lock… Boot. Pickpocket… Mug. Find Traps… Hit Points.
  • Brandon- Laucian of the One Circle
    • A Human Druid. Constantly exasperated by the actions of the party. Later became the High Druid of Pandec Forest. “Sorry, I’m out of Heals…”

Notable NPC’s

  • Hever Amneheld
    • The major villain of the campaign. Leader of the mysterious Shadowhands, the para-military organization that appears to control the city of Marikest. Became the leader of Marikest after corrupting the Spirit of Pandec Forest and revitalizing the towns economy and dealing with the crime problem. Secretly established the shadow prison of Amnesterra in a plot to use the power of Pandec’s Spirit and the souls of the prisoners to bring back the soul of his dead son.
  • The Spirit of Pandec
    • One of the Great Animal Lord Gods of the Fey Wild (Faerie). Was corrupted by Hever and went insane. Its corruption lead to the corruption of the forest itself and the One Circle of Druids. The party eventually was given a quest by the remaining Animal Lords in Faerie to kill the corrupted Spirit of Pandec so that it could be reborn.
  • Yonder kel’Mariekst
    • The ruler-in-title of Marikest. A complete coward who hides from his responsibilities. Though he is the actual ruler of Marikest he has had a secret lodge built in the forest so he can hunt big game and avoid the troubles the city is experiencing. The Party finds him by chance in Pandec Forest, he makes a deal to turn over the town to Argos should they depose of Hever and the Shadowhands.
  • Dristle of the One Circle
    • A high Druid of the One Circle. He went crazy after Pandec was corrupted. Because Pandec was unable to defend itself from the logging operations that start after Hever’s ascent, Dristle takes matters into his own hands. He causes torrential rain to fall on the city for weeks on end, causing crops and food supplies to die, and damaging the towns infrastructure. He had plotted to raise an army of forest animals, plant monsters and fey of the forest, but was killed by the party before he could accomplish this goal.
  • Emma Bronzebloom
    • The daughter of Earle Bronzebloom, the owner of the Steelhearth Inn and Tavern. Becomes romantically involved with Argos and later is kidnapped by Hever’s brother, Malic, to draw the party to him.
  • The Lady of Air and Darkness
    • A Fey Lord of the Unseelie Court. Send party to meet with the Animal Lords of the Fey Wild, after the Party is unsuccessful in getting help from the aloof and apathetic Seelie Court (Lady of Light).
  • Rundswick
    • The unsettlingly charming and monstrous minion of the Lady of Light. The demigod of Lost Things. Returns Bertilak’s identity and restores his broken soul. The Party escapes his wrath after finding him eating the lost children in his palace. Party rescues a single Lost Child, who is eventually the adopted daughter of Argos and Emma.
  • Malic the One-Eyed
    • Hever’s brother and crime lord. Controls the criminal underworld in Marikest. Kidnaps Emma in order to draw the Party to him. Sends the Party to kill Hever for his own reasons. It was rumored that he was a telepath, with a glass eye of True Seeing. Possibly a shape shifter.
  • Dispel
    • The very heavily armed Dwarven bouncer of the Steelhearth inn. Contacts the party after returning to Marikest from Faerie to inform them of all the bad things that have happened in the two weeks they were gone.

Notable Locations

  • Marikest- The center of the story. Marikest was a mining town long protected by the Brightsteel Keep to the North. A calamity forced the town to shutdown mining operations. This lead to an economic disaster and widespread organized crime and lawlessness. Hever Amneheld arrived, and through the corruption and subsequent weakening of Pandec’s Spirt, cleansed the city of crime and allowed logging of the forest to begin. Marikest has actual troops which patrol the city (Greyguard and Greywatch), but Hever’s personal guard, the Shadowhands are the real crime enforcement power in the city.
    • The Brightsteel Hearth- This warm, inviting Inn and Tavern became the home base of operations within the city, until they purchased an abandoned manor on the edge of town. It remained a secure home of allies and place to recuperate. It was owned by Earle Bronzebloom and his wife Easter. Their daughter, Emma, was a talented singer and story teller. She became a love interest of Argos and was later kidnapped by Malic.
    • The Cathedral of St. Cuthbert- The Lawful Neutral sect of St. Cuthbert is the major religious power in Marikest. The Lawful Neutral nature of the temple came into opposition with the party many times as they were totally unwilling to bend the rules, even to do good. The party did make use of their services a number of times however, purchasing potions of remove poison and paralysis, raising the dead and making use of an Oracle to find the entrance to Faerie.
    • The Hall of Order- The center of government in Marikest, housing the high counsel and the endless bureaucracy of Marikest. The party eventually discovered that this building held Hever’s secret entrance to Amnesterra.
    • The Purple Potion- Called the Purple Potion for lack of a better name. This shabby magic users shop was adorned by a weathered sign made to look like a large potion flask painted purple. The salient feature of this shop was that it appeared to me managed by the Adept’s Raven familiar. The Adept himself never spoke. This was the setting of Argos trying to pawn his Wand of Coldball, which turned out to be a fake, made by Aramil. After the Raven died the Adept had it stuffed and it now sits eternally atop the aged purple potion sign over the front door.
  • Pandec Forest- The endless forest which sits to the East of Marikest. It is eternally protected by the Spirit of Pandec. After Hever corrupted the Spirit the forest itself became an endless of labyrinth of corruption and insanity. The forest became shut to teleportation and food and water became spoiled with in. The corruption affected the Druids who attempted to destroy Marikest in order to save their corrupted God.
    • The Oakenshield Lodge- The retreat and secret home of Yonder kel’Marikest. Yonder built this secret hunting lodge so he could escape his responsibilities and the politics of Marikest. The rightful lord-in-name makes a deal to deed Argos Lordship over Marikest if Hever is dealt with. There is a terrifying room of taxidermy featuring dozens of stuffed animal skins both mundane and powerful; Yonder’s conquests and trophies.
    • The Embermire- This was a hallowed place deep within Pandec. A great clearing with a spire of Pure Obsidian arising from its center. The party discovered that it was an ancient entrance to the Fey Wild realm of Faerie. They opened the gate and traveled there.
    • Pandec’s Hallow- The setting of the Party’s final confrontation with Pandec. His corrupted heart sat here, emanating darkness and corruption and spreading a horrible blight across the woods.
  • Amnesterra- The secret prison created by Hever on a plane of Law and Shadow. After Being arrested by the Shadowhands Bertilak is brought here where his identity and soul are systematically removed by Hever’s machine. The room of Judgement is a room seemingly endless and made of pure light. The prison itself is a dark and hateful place. Hever also keeps a graveyard of a thousand dead allies. At the center is the grave of his wife. In the end the party discovers the body of Hever’s infant son being kept in stasis until his soul can be reforged by Hever’s master plan.
  • Faerie and the Fey Wild- After defeating Dristle the party sought out the lair of the corrupted Pandec. They were unsuccessful and sought other information. The traveled to the realm of Fearie. Faerie was a wondrous and mysterious place. Here time flowed more slowly; two weeks pass in Marikest in the two days the Party spends in Faerie. The encounter the Seelie and Unseelie courts. They travel great distances in a flash by holding still but get immediately lost and always return to where they started when they try to walk directly to their intended destination. The buildings in Faerie are castles of cloud, light, gold, air and beauty. It is here that they meet with the Animal Lords of the Fey Wilds.
  • Brightsteel Keep- This abandoned Keep used to protect Marikest and the Brightsteel mines from marauders from the North. When the party arrives it is over run by goblins and their Hobgoblin masters. The party makes short work of them and descends into the dungeons beneath. They make their way to the Oracle that originally told Hever how to get to Marikest and make his pact with Pandec’s Spirit. They discover a way to follow Hever into his stronghold at Amnesterra.
  • Marais d’Tarascon- The start of all the adventures is in the Swamps south of Marais d’Terascon. Here the Party runs into the tragic story of the brothers of the Tarascon family. They investigate and stop a murderer, and then stop a zombie uprising caused by the Zombie Lord Marcel d’Terascon.
  • Port Llast- The only major city south of Marikest. Here the party competes in a large tournament. Argos wins his wand of Coldball. They run afoul of another group of adventurers who seek to destroy a peaceful group of Stone Giants. The Party helps the Stone Giants and kills the other adventurers. They then hear of the endless rains and trouble in Marikest. They head north to investigate and find their real adventure and destinies.

Outline of Events

Here is a factual sequence of events outline of the events of the Game as the DM recalls them:

  • The party is sent on a mission to secure magical reagents to revive the lord of their homeland, who has fallen into an accursed coma.
  • Strange mists surround the Party in the forest and they find themselves mystically transported to the swamps South of Marais d’Tarascon.
  • The Party encounters Luc d’Tarascon, in his home in the swamp and is lead to Marais d’Tarascon.
  • The party investigates the history of the village and uncovers a murderer and a plot to raise the dead.
  • The party stops the murderer and unravels the plot of Marcel d’Tarascon, the Zombie Lord, saving the village.
  • The Party travels North to Port Llast hearing that they may find a way back home.
  • The Party competes in a variety of competitions proving their metal as adventurers.
    • Here they meet a rival group of adventurers who ask for their help in running off a group of Stone Giants who have moved into the area.
    • Argos wins his coveted Wand of Coldball.
  • The party heads north and bypasses the Stone Giants to investigate a cavern complex near their camp.
  • They discover that the Stone Giants have mistakenly placed their camp on top of a cave containing a very valuable metal which the rival adventurers want.
  • The Party convinces the Stone Giants to move off without blood shed and goes to confront the other adventurers.
  • They defeat them and return to Port Llast.
  • They hear a number of strange rumors about torrential unstopping rains in Marikest and other strange events in the forest and near Birghtsteel Keep.
  • The Party leaves Port Llast and makes their way to Marikest.
First Adventures
  • The Party arrives through the rain and stops at a registration booth to register with the town.
    • Aramil finds this untrustworthy and gives a false name.
  • The Party enters town, Aramil is almost immediately confronted by a Shadowhand and he attempts to resist.
    • Bertilak intervenes, but upon finding that the Shadowhand is a legitimate officer of the law consents to arrest. He is arrested and disappears in a swirl of shadow. He is taken to Amnesterra.
  • The rest of the Party, unsure of what to do, goes to the Steelhearth to decide what to do. They meet Emma and her family and enjoy a party, forgetting their troubles for the time being.
  • They attempt to find the prison where Bertilak has been taken, but are unable to get any information from the highly secretive and ordered town.
  • They find that to even petition for information they must become citizens of the town, meaning jobs and a permanent residence.
    • Garrett threatens to leave the game because he suddenly has more responsibilities in the fantasy game than in real life.
Bertilak in Amnesterra
  • Bertilak is arrested and after what feels like falling out of time and space, through an eternity of shadows, finds himself suddenly in a space of pure whiteness. After pleading guilty, he is sentenced to two weeks in Amnesterra by a disembodied voice. He gives a sample of his blood and is taken to his cell.
  • Bertilak is taken several times from his cell to a room with a strange apparatus. He has existential arguments with his captors and eventually within his own mind. He begins to lose his hold on reality and his identity and person hood begin to crumble after multiple “treatments”.
    • Bertilak becomes “Shadow Touched”
  • Bertilak finds that this sort of treatment is happening to all the prisoners. He finds that their souls are being systematically removed by Hever’s Machine and then their bodies are being recycled and fed to the other prisoners.
  • After two weeks of vain attempts to find a way to escape, Bertilak is released.
  • He returns to Marikest, as a Shadow Touched, to find his friends and allies feasting and partying, apparently unconcerned about what he has just been through.
A Journey to Brightsteel Keep
  • While Bertilak is in prison, the Party attempts to go to Brightsteel keep to investigate the rumors of hauntings.
  • In the pouring rain they hear sounds ahead and send Aramil through the underbrush to investigate. He finds a small troop of goblins. They hit him with a poison of Paralysis and he falls into the mud.
  • The party eventually comes to Aramil’s aid. They dispatch the Goblins, but Aramil has become totally paralyzed and has broken out in a horrific rash across his face, arms and legs. Krusch (the only one with Knowlege: Nature) is unable to identify the problem.
  • Argos teleports, alone, back to Marikest.
    • Argos seeks help from the Cathedral of St. Cuthbert, but can not get help without paying the set price. He sells valuable goods to buy a Potion of Remove Paralysis.
    • Argos now runs to the stables to rent a horse to get back to his fallen companion. The only horse left is a giant black warhorse, named Nightmare.
      • “Nightmare?… The Horse’s name is… Nightmare?”
    • The horse is out of Argos’ price range so he casts Charm Person on the Husbander to get the price down. He then casts Calm Animal to get Nightmare calm enough to be ridden by the Enchanter.
      • “Great, my life now depends on the wizard’s ability to ride a warhorse.”
    • Argos returns to the Party. Holding on for his life as Calm Animal has worn off. Nightmare runs off to be lost forever.
  • The party administers the Potion and Aramil is revived. They later find out that the strange rash was an allergic reaction to poison ivy Aramil crawled through to spy on the Goblins.
  • The Party returns to Marikest, and soon after meets up with Bertilak again.
Investigations in Pandec
  • Their plan to investigate the Keep having been routed, the Party makes their way into Pandec forest to see if they can investigate the strange goings on.
  • After talking with the foreman of the Marikest logging operation they pick up a tip that a strange beast has been stalking around the Embermire.
  • The party heads in that direction and starts to find evidence of Pandec’s corruption. They encounter bears, and wolves, as well as aberrations and corrupted plant monsters.
  • While walking through the forest they encounter Laucian, one of the few druids not driven totally insane by the forest’s corruption. He has been investigating the strange changes as well. He does not know the source of the corruption or of the strange weather, or behavior in the animals and suggests that they speak with the head of his Order, Dristle of the One Circle.
  • Quite by chance, the Party stumbles upon the Oakensheild Lodge.
Meeting Yonder
  • The party wanders into a clearing. Many of the trees have been cleared away, and there is a ring of tall grass before reaching a well groomed lawn, surrounding an immaculate and new hunting lodge.
  • As the party approaches, they are fired upon by young and enthusiastic hunter. The party returns fire. The hunter surrenders as soon as he realizes the party is not wild animals.
  • Taken inside, the party is introduced to Yonder kel’Marikest. They figure out his identity as the Lord-in-Name of Marikest and beseech him to return and set things right.
  • Bertilak angrily accuses Yonder of being a spineless coward and demands he return to Marikest to depose of Hever.
  • It soon becomes clear that Yonder is a total coward, unworthy of his title. Yonder eventually agrees that if he were to be allowed to live in obscurity, he would turn the title of lordship over to Argos in the event that Hever is deposed.
    • That night, Argos wakes up and goes to try and deal his own punishment to Yonder in his sleep. He sneaks around the lodge and encounters Yonder’s butler stationed outside his door.
    • Argos knocks the butler unconscious with his staff but is stopped when he realizes that the door to Yonder’s room is locked from the inside, and he did not prepare Knock.
  • The next morning they leave and return to Marikest to resupply.
Confronting Dristle
  • After briefly returning to Marikest to discuss these new revealations. The party returns to Pandec Forest to seek Dristle’s advice and counsel.
  • They go deeper and deeper into the forest and come closer to the real corruption.
    • Argos and Aramil become increasingly uncomfortable in the forest. Their resources corrupted and dwindling Argos attempts to teleport the group back to town. He finds though that an enchantment over the forest prevents magical travel. They press on.
    • One night on watch Krusch encounters a swarm of spiders as well as a Phase spider and two giant spiders. The rest of the party seem to be totally incapacitated during this fight. Krusch manages to fight off the attackers. Right before falling himself to the wounds and poison of the spiders he is awoken from a nightmare by Bertilak. It is obviously this encounter was a nightmare until he goes to prepare his equipment and finds his sword covered with the glistening blue blood of a phase spider.
  • They have a number of encounters with the corrupted denizens of the forest and eventually make it to Dristle’s camp.
  • Laucian attempts to reason with Dristle, but it soon becomes clear that the forest has been completely corrupted and that Dristle has gone insane as a result. It is also revealed that Dristle is the cause of the torrential weather plaguing the region. Laucian continues to try and reason with the deranged druid until Dristle loses his patience and attacks the party, along with a pair of corrupted Dire Bears and other woodland minions.
  • The party defeats Dristle and Laucian takes his Enchanted intelligent Sickle, “Pathfinder”.
  • Battered and bruised from the fight with Dristle the Party returns to Marikest. Intent on returning to find the Spirit of Pandec.
Into the Land of Faerie
  • Unsure of how to find Pandec’s Spirit alone the party goes to the Cathedral of St. Cuthbert and has a cleric cast the Commune spell. The Oracle gives the Party a riddle, showing them the course of action they must take to find answers. They solve it:
    • They must go to the Embermire and then head three days travel, bearing North North-West. After much travel they locate a Feylight circle which in three days will open a portal to Faerie.
  • The Party returns to Pandec and faces ever more difficult challenges. Argos and Aramil start to become infected by the Forest’s depravity and begin to lose their hold on reality mush the same way as Dristle. Krusch becomes infected with a malign physical debility as his body becomes crusted with pustule filled with corruption and blight.
  • The party locates the Feylight circle in time and enters, transporting them all to Faerie.
  • They see a city of golden light and high silver spires seemingly held aloft above clouds and mists. They make their way towards the city but become hopelessly lost and always are brought to where they started.
  • They stop to think and as soon as they stop trying to get to the city, they are whisked away at great speed to the city gates.
  • They are greeted at the gates by a horrible Ogre, malignant in look. His great bulk sits atop what appear to be large ram’s legs fixed on backwards. He introduces himself as Rundswick. Despite his monstrous appearance, he in unearthly charming and kind. The party is ready to trust anyone with a friendly face and follow him to the court of the Lady of Light.
  • The Party meets with the Lady of light and entreats her for assistance in dealing with the troubles in Pandec Forest and those in Marikest. Argos gives a brilliant speech about her responsibility to the wild lands and to keep the natural order of things.
    • She becomes irritated by Argos and places a Charm on him so that he may not speak. She turns her attention to the remainder of the party.
  • Despite their earnest entreaties, the Lady of Light remains uninterested and apathetic to the Party’s quest. She tells them the Fey have progressed past such concerns, and that the Fey are well protected and have reached a perfection not to be disturbed.
    • It is revealed that the people of the Court of Light live an Elysium lifestyle; they have no wants or needs and live lives of hedonistic pleasures. Also, though, they are not challenged and do not advance in thought or grow to overcome obstacles. They are unconcerned with the troubles of other peoples and claim to have attained perfection beyond causes of good and evil.
  • Frustrated and disappointed, the Party is sent back to Rundswick’s home to recover the night. They are given stern warnings not to leave their rooms after the evening, as it is the time of the Unseelie Court.
Rundswick, Finder of Lost Things
  • Disappointed the Party returns to Rundswick’s home.
    • “The stairs appear to be only the cloud-mists from a roaring waterfall of golden water, unstable and transient. However, as you take a hesitant step you find they form firm beneath your feet. Rundswick ascends the stairs with all the grace that I fish wouldn’t.”
  • It is revealed that, despite his apparent service to the Lady of Light, Rundswick is greatly powerful in his own right and apparently holds the title of “Lord of Lost Things”.
  • The party explores his manor finding cavernous rooms filled with millions of socks, whole rooms of keys and glasses, and all those things you-can’t-quite-remember-what.
    • Birtilak asks Rundswick for a boon and asks to have his “Lost-Indentity” returned to him. Rundswick consents and Birtilak’s memories and the part of his soul he had lost in Amnesterra is returned to him, although he is Shadow Touched to the core. Rundswick can return but not remove.
  • The Party joins Rundswick for a meal: a feast of special magnificence. Every fruit and food imaginable and some that aren’t is available. Some Party members eat, others are suspicious. The one who do eat find they never feel full no matter how much they consume. Rundswick doesn’t eat. He says he takes his meals in the evening during his busiest work.
  • The feast is served by a swarm of small rotund fairies called Boggarts. Rundswick’s house is kept by dozens of small children, dressed in rags and very filthy (These are the Lost Ones).
  • Later in the evening, Argos is awoken by sounds coming from the dining room. He goes to investigate, despite the warning to stay in his room. He creeps forward invisibly, to find Rundswick dining messily on one of the Children.
  • Rundswick immediately seeing through Argos’ invisibility and chases after him. He has incredible speed. Argos takes to the air with a flight spell, Rundswick in close pursuit, crashing through walls and obstacles as if they were nothing.
  • The party comes to investigate, Birtilak shadow jumps through a wall and Krusch smashes his way through the other as he attempts to put on his armor.
  • The party flees the enraged demi-god into the twilight streets of the Court of Light.
  • They are chased until the group gets into a bag of holding and Birtilak shadow jumps down a sewage grate.
  • Laucian shape changes into a dolphin and carries the party in the bag of holding navigate the underwater realm, finally escaping to the realm of the Lady of Air and Darkness.
Lords of Faerie
  • Upon emerging from the sewers the Party is almost immediately captured by the Centaur Guardians of the Realm of the Unseelie Court. They are escorted back and meet the Lady of Air and Darkness, who explains that she will help them.
  • The Lady of Air and Darkness takes leave of the Party and they are introduced to the eleven remaining Animal Lords (Gods of all natural creation, and protectors of the great wild places).
  • The Animal Lords explain to the party that Pandec is beyond saving and must be killed to stop the blight, and allow his Spirit to be reborn and bring harmony back to the forest.
  • The party agrees to this and Ferung, son of the Wolf Lord, joins the party as Laucian’s companion to show the way to Pandec’s spirit.
Pandec’s Fall
  • The Party is returned to the Feylight Circle in Pandec.
  • With the help of Ferung and Pathfinder, Laucian leads the Party to Pandec’s resting place.
  • The Party enters the globe of utter darkness obscuring the grove. They see the skeletal corrupted form of the dying forest god. It’s form like a great skeletal deer. Beyond, they see the great source of blight and destruction: Pandec’s Heart, a seething organ of corruption and hate.
  • The Party takes to battle, fighting Pandec’s Wraiths, Nightwalkers, and most powerful natural allies.
    • A few members of the party are slain. Aramil narrowly escape a wraith’s dread touch and is drained of his abilities.
  • Pandec defeated and his dimensional anchor lifted the party teleports back to the Brightsteel Hearth.
An Unwelcome Homecoming
  • Upon arriving at Brightsteel Hearth they find the place boarded up and deserted.
  • Leaving the Inn they realize that the whole city is under the foot of total marshal law by the Shadowhands. The streets are deserted and patrolled by Shadowhands in open uniform.
  • The Party, realizing things have gone very wrong, returns to the Oakensheild Lodge.
    • They find it burnt to the ground with no trace of Yonder. He is gone, but in a surviving chest they find the title of Lordship as well as the prepared letters of transfer.
    • The party sees evidence of the Shadowhands everywhere.
  • Returning undercover to Mariekst the party finds Disple, who is in hiding. He tells the Party that Emma has been kidnapped and is being held by Malic the One-Eyed.
  • The Party goes to track down Malic and bargain for Emma’s release. Bertilak sends Disple to bring back the Stone Giants for an attack on Marikest Proper.
    • It is revealed that Malic is actually Hever’s brother, and that Emma was kidnapped partly to keep her safe and also to draw the party to Malic.
    • Malic tells the Party that the key to entering Hever’s realm at Amnesterra is under Brightsteel Keep.
  • The party arrives at the Keep in a flash of Teleportation.
Race to Amnesterra
  • The Party arrives at Brightsteel Keep and quickly defeats the Goblins and Hobgoblins that have taken up residence.
  • They make their way into a long forgotten dungeon beneath the keep. They fight off the dungeon’s guardians.
    • Hellswarm Wasps.
  • The Party finally finds a room with the prophets of a thousand gods. Hever had hatched his plan to corrupt Pandec’s Spirit here.
  • The Party finally finds the blind demon prophet who had advised Hever and locates the “Key to his realm”.
  • The party returns to Marikest and breaks into the Hall of Order in a frontal assault.
    • Aramil “Unzips a Shadowhand’s spine.”
  • The Party uses Hever’s trademark phrase, “May the world turn.” Along with the secret key found in the dungeon to open a gate to Amnesterra.
Hever Amneheld of Marikest
  • The Party enters the gate and heads to the Shadow Prison of Amnesterra.
    • They quickly realize that those among them with non Lawful-Neutral Alignments are hindered and weakened in this plane of extreme Order and Law. They also discover that intra-party conflict damages them as well.
  • The Party enters the Prison keep, a great plain, cylindrical tower in a barren field.
  • They enter the prison and begin releasing prisoners who overwhelm the Guards and Shadowhands as the Party makes their way up.
  • They encounter Hever’s Machine, the device he was going to use to reforge his son’s soul from the broken souls of the prisoners and fragments of shadow stuff. It is powered by Pandec’s, still trapped, spirit.
  • Aramil and Argos go to work disabling the machine. The Machine creates shadow copies of Krusch who attack the remaining party members. To their horror they find that destroying the copies actually damages Krusch himself.
  • The machine destroyed, the pary goes a few levels higher. They find Hever’s extensive research library and an immense grave yard.
    • At the center of the graveyard they find Hever’s Wife’s grave. They begin to understand Hever’s motives, but continue the pursuit.
  • The Party finally encounters Hever in the Hall of Judgement where he had passed sentence on Bertilak so many months ago. Hever attempts to defend himself with a variety of magic and summoned defenses but Bertilak takes him down, using specially imbued arrows.
  • In his last breaths Hever makes an apology to his son for his failure, and Bertilak kills him.
  • The Party then finds a small side room. Inside is a nursery. In the crib they see the body of an infant son waking up from a magical stasis. Over the boy stands the spirit of Hever Amneheld. He says, “I am sorry my son. I have failed you. The world has turned.”
  • The Party realizes the necessity of Hever’s death, but it is bitter sweet.
  • Bertilak takes the child with him to raise as a foster son. He is both vindicated in his revenge and guilt ridden over killing Hever. He leaves to wander the mountains to the North of Brightsteel Keep. He later helps in the reestablishment of the village of Aldaric’s End.
  • Argos returns to Marikest and assumes the title Yonder had signed over to him. He marries Emma Bronzebloom and together they rule over Marikest. They adopt the “Lost Child” Argos had rescued from Faerie.
  • Laucian returns to Pandec to watch over the rebirth of the forest’s spirit. He becomes the High Druid in the One Circle. He later is integral to helping Argos establish trade between the Prime plane and the Feywild in a new town in the south of Pandec called Feygate.
  • Aramil returns South to Port Llast with Krusch. Krusch establishes an eminent Fighter’s School and Guild (some of the most trusted officer’s in Marikest’s revived Greyguard.)
  • It is rumored that Aramil may have established a prominent Theives Guild, or perhaps went into business with Malic, taking over his position later. He may have left over the sea and become something of a pirate. No one is sure what really became of him.

The Game- Overview and Notes

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