Tales of Marikest

Tales of History and Adventure

Welcome! to Tales of Marikest. This is a blog maintained by the creator of Marikest and the related legends.

Marikest was the central focus of a D&D 3.5 Campaign I ran from around 1999 to 2005. Many adventures were had by the party as they sought to unravel the mechanizations of Hever Amneheld the secretive ruler of the city of Marikest. The story borrowed heavily from many published D&D modules, but it evolved into something totally unique to my own group of players.

I hope you will return here from time to time. I will be posting especially memorable adventures future players have in the lands surrounding Marikest, as well as short fiction accounts from the original adventures, and historic interludes.

If there are past players who wish to recount their memories from Marikest please send them to me and I will add them here to the Tales of Marikest.

Enjoy Traveler. May the World Turn.


alexmharms alexmharms

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