Session 2: Assault on the Kobold Lair

The party spent the night at Wrafton’s Inn under the care of Sylvana Wrafton. The next morning they had a meeting with the Mayor and Lord of Aldaric’s End, Lord Padraig. Waking early they went to speak with Aldaric’s End’s resident sage and scholar, Valthruum.

After climbing the some what creepy tower to Valthruum’s apartment they found a rather friendly and amicable old man. Fenrin showed Valthruum the mysterious dragon amulet he had found on the Koblod. Valthruum told the party that amulets like this are carried by Songscales, totemists and clerics of Kobold communities. The amulets are magical and tie the Kobold to their dragon lords. The party also learned that there are a wide variety of Kobold, each tied to a different type of dragon.

In their meeting with Lord Padraig the party learned that Aldaric’s End was woefully unprepared for an actual attack from out side. Padraig was worried about the Kobold actually attacking the town directly. He had petitioned Marikest for aid, but none had arrived. Padraig offered a reward to the party for helping to clear the Kobolds. He had his butler, Elric, offer a line of credit to the party while they were on their mission.

The party met with a ranger, Ninarian, who had scouted the location of the warren and head out to investigate.

When they arrived they were attacked by Kobolds with bows and arrows shooting from high above on a bluff. The party made a dash for it and arrived in the cramped dark tunnels of the Kobolds warren. After crawling some distance, Cerie discovered an obvious pit trap and the party divised a way across. Saddly, Fenrin intuited too late that the trap was too simple and a devious flood trap, triggered by weight on the bottom sent the party shooting down a flooded tunnel and into a refuse pile deep underground. The party was immediately covered in rot grubs which burrowed into the skin and left stinging marks. They disturbed a huge Otyough which attacked them and tried to eat poor Fenrin. The party was vicotrious and is now thinking of a way to escape the trash heap.


Cerie: Locate the Ebon Staff, Golden gripped with inset round stones and a head of smoky crystal.

Frejd: Learn more about his ties to Avandra and travel as far as the Fey Wild.

Fenrin: Continue to learn more about the Kobold’s and their expected ties to a Black Dragon.

What You learned

  • Draconian Magic
  • Location of Kobold Warren
  • Marikest is not sending aid
  • The Kobolds have some Necromantic and Elemental Magic deep within their warren.


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