Session 1: Character Creation and First Encounters

Character Creation

The Players:
John: Freyjd- Dwarven Cleric of Avandra (Goddess of Travel Change and Luck)
James: Fenrin- Eladrin Wizard of the Feywild
Kaley: Cerie- Human Thief and Treasure Hunter

The World and Events Summary

  • Marikest is a large city set between the Pandec Forest and the Brightsteel Mountains.
    • Formerly a mining town, experienced an economic boom after inter-planar trade between the Eladrin Feywild and the Material Plane was established.
    • Ruled by Argos kel’Marikest a powerful enchanter.
  • Aldaric’s End is a frontier town far to the North of Marikest.
    • Site of the last stronghold of Aldaric in his campaign in the North.
    • Recently reestablished after trade North was once again possible.
    • Freyjd and Fenrin have traveled here to assist in establishing full trade routes from Marikest and establish an Eladrin trade and commerce.
    • Ruled by Lord Padraig.
    • Home of a historical scholar: Valthruum.

Bonds and Stakes

  1. Freyjd will teach Fenrin more about the Material Plane
  2. Cerie is helping Freyjd find the lost Idol which was lost from the Shrine of Avandra.
  3. Cerie is working for a mysterious patron to find a strange arcane device of unknown use… but the pay is good.
  4. Freyjd is in Aldaric’s End to assist the locals in establishing a permanent trade route between Aldaric’s End and Marikest.
  5. Fenrin will assist in opening the town to Eladrin goods by teaching Eladrin trade practices.

Current Stakes

Freyjd: Explore the Feywild and Fenrin Explores the Material Plane.
Fenrin: There is evidence of a Dragon near by, learn more.
Cerie: Locate the Arcane Divice for her patron; something to do with the history of Aldaric.

First Encounters

The party was traveling back from the Shrine of Avandra to look for clues. They were attacked by a band of Kobolds on the road. One carried a black totem of a dragon’s eye. Speaking with the guards they discovered that Kobolds had become a recent problem in Aldaric’s End. They had been attacking the roads and stealing livestock. There is not enough military power to deal with them at the moment and Lord Padraig is at his wits end as to what to do. Messages have been sent to Marikest but with no response. The party made arrangements to speak with Padraig, and made their way to Wrafton’s Inn for the night.


There be dragons here! Kobolds generally gather for a reason, and that reason is generally dragons. Hopefully we don’t have to fight a dragon (yet).


Local interests definitely involve the mass infestation of kobolds (and the draconic influence that likely involves). Additionally the efforts to cut off Aldaric’s End communications (if indeed this has occurred) opposed to actively assaulting the town bring into question the intent of the kobold’s actions. Furthermore territorial advances on the part of the kobolds don’t seem necessary in mostly unclaimed mountains unless Aldaric’s End was very recently established and the kobolds are acting in a preemptive strike against intruders. In conclusion lots of speculation on why the kobolds are acting as they are. In wider terms I wonder what the average citizens of Marikest think of becoming a gateway for extra-dimensional beings and goods.

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