Welcome to Marikest!

Enter the Lands of Marikest
You approach the city through torrential rain. Torches useless, the glowing beacons of light spells barely cutting more than twenty feet ahead of you. Your boots are caked with mud in the sticky hot rain. Your feet are sore from the endless miles you have walked since leaving Port Llast. Strange tales of haunted forests stopping logging; a keep long abandoned; and a town benighted by a dark force have drawn you. You pass the registration house on the road. Finally the high smooth wall of the city come into view. You have arrived at Marikest.

Welcome! Marikest is a wiki and adventure log dedicated to the campaign setting which sprouted around a series of adventures I ran for my D&D 3.5 gaming group between roughly 1998 and 2005.

Here, I will be detailing the City of Marikest as well as its surrounding lands and threats. Mostly it will chronicle the world as it existed after the events of the 98-05 game (" The Game "). Periodically I may post short fiction in the Adventure Log from previous events. I may even rewrite old encounters from “The Game” for others to run.

I can’t promise this project will ever be finished, but I’ve wanted to return to Marikest for a long time.

I have chosen to write much of this material in the terms of the game Dungeon World. I feel Dungeon World is best suited for writing a campaign setting and would be easiest to convert to other systems. Also, if I choose to run adventures in Marikest once more I would likely use Dungeon World as the system.

A word of caution. If you are playing in a game set in Marikest. Ask your GM what is alright for you to see. I will be making everything public, along with all the threats and secrets which surround the benighted city. If you don’t want spoilers in a game you are currently playing then, beware what you read.

Enter the Lands of Marikest


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